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Mandurah Brand


Mandurah Destination Brand

The brand was developed in 2010 as the destination brand for Mandurah. It is used specifically for tourism programs generated by the City. The City of Mandurah invests in tourism via a number of initiatives including: the Mandurah Visitor Centre, events, destination guide, the Visit Mandurah website, research, and also works in collaboration with the Peel Development Commission, Peel Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Local Government Authorities and operators to deliver key tourism outcomes. The City is focussed on the delivery of the City of Mandurah Tourism Strategy 2011-2016.

The four key strategic objectives are:

·         Position Mandurah and the Region as a “must visit” destination for our target audiences.

·         Deliver quality visitor experiences to match or exceed visitor expectations.

·         Build an integrated, professional and competitive tourism industry.

·         Inspire the community to become ambassadors for Mandurah visitor’s experiences.

Brand Expression

A contemporary design that supports Mandurah’s brand values of quality, authenticity, leisure and convenience, and perfectly expresses the personality of the destination with ease.

The cool colours inspire a refreshing feel, and along with the loose, relaxing graphics embody the welcoming nature of Mandurah and the Peel Region while simultaneously associating the destination with water.

People of all ages are captured naturally in the photography as an expression of the magnificent memories to be made and the refreshing feel of Mandurah and the region. The content promotes simplicity and easy exploration in order for visitors to experience the myriad of activities Mandurah has to offer.

Collectively, the design represents the refreshing essence of Mandurah as a brand.