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Waste Management

The upcoming junk and metal collection starts on 15 Feb and runs until 14 May.


The City of Mandurah is committed to caring for the environment by implementing sustainable waste management practices that will assist in minimising waste to landfill.


The range of waste management services provided to our residents, on an annual basis include:

  • Weekly refuse collection service - green bin
  • Fortnightly recycling service - yellow lidded bin
  • Two green waste verge collections per year
  • One junk and whitegoods/metals verge collection per year
  • Two green waste vouchers providing free disposal of clean, uncontaminated green waste at the City's Waste Management Centre
  • Two general waste vouchers providing free disposal of general household or inert waste at the City's Waste Management Centre

City of Mandurah Cleanaway Waste Alliance


Transpacific CleanawayTranspacific Cleanaway is the City of Mandurah's Alliance partner for the provision of all waste management services within the municipality.


The Alliance was born from an extensive process, which began in 1998. Council was seeking a method of waste management service delivery, which would help to achieve significant reductions to landfill by the implementation of technologies to recover "waste". To achieve this, the City required input from a very professional, well experienced and highly specialised organisation. Visit Transpacific Cleanaway now to learn more.


What makes this Alliance so different and effective is that any cost benefits gained over the life of the Alliance contract (15 years) will be shared, and the parties will also share any risk on an equal basis. The City of Mandurah and Transpacific Cleanaway will be working as one to bring best practice in waste management services to the residents of Mandurah.


CleanawayThe primary objective for both parties then is to find the best solutions available for waste management and to provide those services at the best price for the ratepayers of the City of Mandurah. The significant benefits brought about from the Alliance will be reflected in the extensive range of cost-effective services that will be provided to the residents of Mandurah. Please click on the collection vehicle image to learn more about minimising waste

Rivers Regional Council


Rivers Regional CouncilThe Rivers Regional Council (RRC) was created under the Local Government Act 1995 and must comply with most requirements of any other local government. Its members include the Cities of Armadale, Gosnells, South Perth and Mandurah, and the Shires of Serpentine-Jarrahdale, Murray and Waroona.


Each member Council elects two Councillors to be regional councillors and the Regional Council, which meets every two months, makes decisions relating to strategic waste management issues and waste education. The Regional Council employs three full time staff members, including its own Chief Executive Officer. Please click on the Rivers Regional Council logo to learn more.


One of the major tasks of the Rivers Regional Council is to explore the feasibility of establishing an Advanced Waste Treatment (AWT) facility within the Region. This task is well advanced with two possible locations identified for the facility. Environmental Approvals and tender documentation for this facility are currently being progressed. Please click the image on the left to learn more.