Public Participation

Due to the current public health emergency and directives regarding social distancing it has become necessary to adjust Committee and Council meeting attendances.

Members of the public are encouraged to participate in and contribute to the decision-making process of Council however, the means of contribution have altered due to the restrictions relating to social distancing requirements. 

  • Personal attendance at meetings will be limited to Public Statements and Deputations

  • Forms (below) to be completed and submitted as stipulated

  • Submitted information will be circulated to Elected Members and confirmed as read

The deadline for receipt of completed applications is 12.00pm (noon) the day of the Committee/Council meeting.

Public Question Time

At each Committee and Council meeting, 15 minutes is made available for public question time. Please complete and submit a public question time form to permit your question to be addressed.


Deputations give you the opportunity to express your views on a proposal that is listed on the agenda. Please complete and submit a deputation application form to lodge your views on an agenda item.

Public Statement Time

Public statements provide an opportunity to put forward your views on a matter that is not listed on the agenda. Please complete and submit a public statement application form to lodge your views on an item not listed on the agenda.


Petitions are formal written requests of Council, signed by more than four people. Download a petition form and follow the instructions to complete the content. 

When received, we will contact the petition organiser to confirm details and provide information on arrangements for the petition to be addressed.

Need more information?

Contact the Minute Officer by telephoning (08) 9550 3787 or emailing
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