Dredging and Sand Bypassing

Dredging and sand bypassing are processes undertaken to maintain navigable channels in the waterways.


Dredging involves excavating sediments from the seabed and moving them to a different location to keep waterways navigable. The common methods used are:
  • Floating cutter suction dredge
  • Excavator operating from the shore or a barge
The City of Mandurah conducts the dredging required when necessary at its boat launch ramp entrances and canal estate entrances.  


What impact does this have on the community? 

Low level noise may be caused by boat engines and pumps whilst the dredge is in the water, there may also be some disruption to boat traffic. A notice to mariners advice will be issued whilst dredging is taking place.   

A dark coloured plume is often present in the water during the dredging process. Once the work is complete, the plume normally disappears within 24 hours.  

Sand Bypassing 

The sand bypassing program operates annually each year at the Dawesville Cut and Mandurah Ocean Entrance channels and is conducted by the Department of Transport.   
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