Youth and Schools

"We cannot always build the future for our youth, but we can build our youth for the futureā€ - Franklin D. Roosevelt.

Taking action to solve climate change issues require more than organisations and adults.  The main focus of our objective at the City of Mandurah is to educate, engage and empower the leaders of tomorrow, to embrace climate change.

It has been recognised that the unique model of peer-to-peer education to ignite high school students’ interest in climate change and sustainability is important to developing leadership and change-making skills in the young.  
This equips them with the skills and knowledge for the future.  To this effect, the City currently runs the Climate Change School Tours and supports the Kids Teaching Kids program locally.

Climate Change School Tours

The City of Mandurah runs Climate Change School Tours two to three times a year. This project, organised by the City’s Environmental Services team, puts together an informative and interactive cross section of the City’s Climate Change projects.  Topics covered throughout the three tours include the City’s adaptation and mitigation responses to climate change, local impacts of climate change, the Climate Watch Trail and Tidal Images Mandurah projects. The youth are also updated on Community Landcare, Climate Change Management in natural areas, Environmental Planning and Sustainable Housing designs.

Each year sees more schools within the Peel region and the Perth metro areas coming together during these tours, not only to hear about climate change, but network and meet between two hundred to three hundred young change-makers.

For more information on these tours, please email the Environmental Services team on telephone 08 9550 3777.

Kid Teaching Kids

Kids Teaching Kids is an education model that uses local environmental issues as a theme for learning. 
Kids Teaching Kids starts in the classroom and extends into the community through the Kids Teaching Kids Learning Model and Program.  We are assured that the young kids are prepared to take up the challenges of saving our environment when we give them responsibilities to manage their own learning, through the Kids Teaching Kids Learning Model.

The City locally supports Kids Teaching Kids programs run in Mandurah.

For more information go the Kids Teaching Kids website.

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