Friday, 17 March 2017

Three local Mandurah artists will explore the notion of biophilia in an exhibition that is set to transform the gallery space at Contemporary Art Spaces Mandurah throughout March.

The artworks by Carol Nicolson, Denise Fisher and Renée Barton consider human connection (and disconnection) with the rest of the living world through realistic and abstract creations.

Each artist shares their own relationships and memories that have triggered a journey of contemplation, exploration, reaction and fabrication over the past eighteen months.

Carol Nicolson works with clay to create human forms to interpret a sometimes overwhelming sense of being, but also how this anxiety may dissolve when we allow ourselves to be immersed in nature.

“The smallest of creatures and wonderment of new growth remind us of a carefree childhood and our innate need and desire to connect on a deeper level,” Ms Nicolson said.

Textile artist Denise Fisher's sculptural forms are influenced by her childhood experiences wandering through the bush and nature camping expeditions with her family, especially the beauty of her Grandmother's garden. When overwhelmed by the busyness of life today Denise returns to nature as her healer.

“It is the restorative freshness that recalibrates her sense of balance and strengthens her spirit. The sounds of birds, the smell of eucalyptus, a gurgling river, a sky full of stars offers hope and promise,” Ms Fisher explained.

Renée Barton uses illustration as a way of documenting her strong appreciation of the natural environment and in doing so aims to restore these connections in others. Her typically 2-D illustration based artworks evolve into sculptural forms that replicate botanical patterns and forms.

“My love for the living world is attributed to experiences from an early age surrounded by diverse gardens and unique natural bushland and coastal landscapes,” explains Ms Barton.

Biophilia will take audiences on a fascinating journey through the artists' eyes and providing a rich wonderland of intimate connections to explore and absorb.

The exhibition will be officially opened tonight by the Honourable David Templeman MLA, Minister for Local Government; Heritage; Culture and the Arts; Leader of the House.

Audiences are invited to attend a panel discussion with the artists on Sunday, April 2.

Biophilia is open until April 9 during CASM gallery hours, Wednesday to Sunday from 10am until 4pm.

Visit or call 9550 3989 during gallery hours.