Friday, 11 August 2017

The City of Mandurah is calling for the community to share their sounds of Mandurah’s aquatic lifestyle for an exciting multi-sensory artwork being created for the 2018 Stretch Arts Festival.

The City is seeking sound recordings to help capture the community’s experience on and around the water for the upcoming art project. It could be sounds like laughing, splashing, trickling, wind, birds, waves, surfing sounds, reminiscing, fishing, playing, catching crabs, bird watching or anything related to Mandurah’s waterways.

Sound collections will be made of the community’s experience on the water and narratives will be recorded about their stories and experiences. These will be used in a soundscape by UK-based sound artist Justin Wiggan.

The sounds will then be used in a multi-sensory artwork to be launched at the Country Arts Regional Arts Summit where the HydroDome will be showcased at Kaya - Party in the Square, a community celebration being held in Mandjar Square on Thursday, October 12.

The launch will provide a preview of the immersive 360 degree HydroDome experience that will be a focal point at the 2018 Stretch Arts Festival.

Mayor Marina Vergone said the HydroDome art project will focus on the community’s connection to the local waterways.

“Our beautiful waterways are so important to our way of life and this art project is a great way to share your everyday interactions with our environment - it’s as easy as using a phone, GoPro or other device to record the aqua fun,” she said.

“I’m excited to see how the artists then capture the sights, sounds and movements of our community’s connection with our precious waterways.”

Wiggan will partner with internationally recognised digital artist, Dave Carson, and award-winning choreographer, Bernadette Lewis, to capture the sights, sounds and movements of the community’s interaction with the waterways.

Sound snippets can be sent to with your name, the activity you were taking part in, who with and where. For more information call the City on 9550 3279.