Tuesday, 15 August 2017

The storage of wrecked vehicles and illegal materials came into focus at the Mandurah Magistrates Court in July where a local resident was found guilty of leaving vehicle wrecks and storing an unapproved sea container at the front of their Mandurah property.

Following numerous neighbour complaints and repeated warnings about the state of the Mandurah property, the City of Mandurah took legal action against the property owner.

On July 13, the court fined Damien Powell the sum of $5000 plus $3500 in court costs after finding the accused guilty of breaches of the Planning and Development Act 2005 and the City’s Animal Environment and Nuisance Local Laws.

Chief Executive Officer Mr Newman advised that properties which are unsightly with wrecked vehicles and illegal materials stored in public view were unfair to other property owners who make efforts to maintain the amenity of their neighbourhood.

“The City doesn’t expect perfect properties but when they are clearly an eyesore, downgrade the neighbourhood and owners and occupiers ignore requests to comply with basic legal requirements, then we will take action,” he said.

“The fine and court costs imposed in this instance should serve as a reminder to residents to ensure properties are maintained in reasonable condition and that illegal and unsightly materials are removed.”

Unsightly properties can be referred to the City of Mandurah on 9550 3777.