Wednesday, 29 November 2017

A future pedestrian footbridge in Mandurah’s north will connect the growing communities of Madora Bay and Lakelands, and provide safe access for school students and residents in the area.

The Mandurah Council has agreed to CEO Mark Newman negotiating with Main Roads WA to acquire a recycled concrete and steel footbridge, costing $150,000 for the structure. The footbridge has become available to the City as part of the Tonkin Highway redevelopment works (NorthLink WA project).

The City has identified a cost-effective opportunity to purchase the footbridge, recognising a future community need for a pedestrian bridge in the area so residents can safely and conveniently access the shopping centre, library, schools and other amenities without crossing busy Mandurah Road.

Madora Bay and Lakelands are both high growth suburbs with a large amount of new development including a new primary school, new high school, shopping centre and shared sport and recreation spaces.

Negotiations are continuing with Main Roads WA to purchase the footbridge, which has an estimated useful life of 50 years. The overall cost of the project to install the footbridge will be significantly less expensive than developing from new.

The footbridge would be situated over Mandurah Road, near Banksiadale Gate, and a business case and consultation will be carried out as part of the project planning.