Monday, 11 December 2017

Changes to waste collection days will be in place this festive season to ensure that everyone can enjoy their Christmas break.

During the Christmas week only, changes will be made to waste and recycling bin collections that will see no collections take place on Christmas Day and all collections pushed back a day for the rest of that week.

Usual Collection Day                              Rescheduled Collection Day
Monday 25 December 2017                  Tuesday 26 December 2017
Tuesday 26 December 2017                  Wednesday 27 December 2017
Wednesday 27 December 2017            Thursday 28 December 2017
Thursday 28 December 2017                Friday 29 December 2017
Friday 29 December 2017                     Saturday 30 December 2017

It is important that residents place their bins on the verge for collection by 6.00am on their designated collection day.

The City's Waste Management Centre in Parklands will be closed on Christmas Day.

All services will return to normal with bins being collected on usual days from Monday, January 1.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman asked residents to take note of the Christmas week changes to waste collection and noted that the festive season was also an important time to look at ways to reduce, reuse and recycle.

“The City of Mandurah is supportive of any initiative which aims to reduce waste, increase recycling in the community and work towards our sustainable future,” he said.

“We encourage our community to reduce, reuse and recycle in an effort to cut down our landfill and address the litter issue around Mandurah - this is a strong component of the City's waste strategy.”

Festive waste-wise tips include buying recycled wrapping paper, reusing old paper and wrapping creatively, composting Christmas leftovers, and recycling old Christmas cards.

E-waste can contain hazardous materials, including mercury, lead, phosphorous and cadmium, but they can also contain valuable substances such as gold, silver, and platinum making them suitable for reuse and recycling.

Residents can use the 'Find Your Bin Day' tool on the City of Mandurah's website,, or contact the Mandurah Waste Alliance Customer Service Centre on 9550 4700 with queries.