Wednesday, 24 January 2018

The City of Mandurah is aiming to raise emergency preparedness among visitors to the Peel region thanks to a $20,000 grant from the State Government for the Prepare the Peel project.

Emergency events around Australia have highlighted the need for travellers to be better informed of emergency alerts, warnings and information systems.

The City’s Emergency Management team is working with the Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation, Department of Fire and Emergency Services, four local governments and accommodation providers from the Peel region to deliver the six-month Prepare the Peel project.

A range of resources will be developed for the Peel Region tourism sector to raise emergency preparedness, encouraging visitors to download the free emergency mobile apps, Emergency AUS and Emergency +.

The Emergency AUS and Emergency + apps help users contact the correct emergency services number, provide proximity alerts and emergency information and advice.

The apps also provide location information (when the device’s GPS capability is active) that will assist in an emergency.

The project focuses on the Peel’s short-term accommodation sector, however the resources are being developed for wider WA, so that Australian and international visitors will be more emergency aware and prepared.

Mayor Rhys Williams said the Prepare the Peel project was a great initiative.

“Time can be critical in an emergency and it’s so important that we are all prepared, including visitors to our remarkable region,” he said.

“This technology will help travellers be informed of emergencies occurring around them and provide them with the tools to respond effectively.

“Emergency preparedness is a shared responsibility and benefits all, so as we approach the bushfire season I encourage our local community to get the apps too.”

Member for Mandurah, David Templeman MLA said “This really is a very important initiative which the City of Mandurah and Mandurah and Peel Tourism Organisation Inc (MAPTO) particularly deserve recognition for and is a great example of a Local Government leading and collaborating with stakeholders to create a tool ultimately focused on increased community safety during emergency and or threatening events.”

“I particularly acknowledge City of Mandurah Emergency Management Coordinator, Myra Giardini for her commitment to developing this initiative. The Prepare the Peel is a locally developed initiative which can be expanded throughout the state and nationally. Congratulations to the City of Mandurah, Karen Priest (MAPTO) and our emergency service agencies for this very important resource.”

The latest version of Emergency AUS can be downloaded at and Emergency Plus can be downloaded from app stores.

The Prepare the Peel Tourism Project has been funded by the Western Australian Government as part of the National Disaster Resilience Program.