Press Release For: Media
Wednesday, 25 July 2018

The City of Mandurah Council has approved a wide range of advocacy position papers.

Many of the position papers cover matters that have been long term positions of the Council and include:

 Public transport priorities
 Road project priorities
 Development of Mandurah as a strategic centre
 Full private building certification
 Winer aerial larviciding treatments (mosquitos)
 Infill sewerage request
 Governance structure for the Peel Harvey estuary
 Peel Water Quality Improvement Plan
 Establishment of a state wide wetlands policy under the planning framework.
 Funding for river action plans including the Serpentine River
 Provision of funds to improve water quality through stormwater retrofits
 Sustainable water source alternatives for irrigating public open space in North Mandurah

"All these advocacy positions have been discussed by council over the last year and in some cases longer," said City of Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

"What we are doing is formalising these positions. This process will be useful as we continue to advocate with State and Federal Government on behalf of the community," the Mayor said.

"We know you want a better train service, we know you want Mandurah to be a vibrant business centre and the jobs that come with this. We also know you value our " He said.