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Friday, 17 August 2018

The City of Mandurah in collaboration with the Peel Mosquito Management Group (PMMG) and Department of Health commenced aerial mosquito treatments for 2018/19 on August 15th with the aim of targeting winter mosquito larvae numbers.

Mosquito surveillance activities have continued on through the winter months and the first aerial treatment for the season was completed after a series of persistent cold fronts bringing rain and significant storm surges to the Peel waterways.

With the start of spring a few weeks away the days will become longer and warmer, encouraging people to spend more time outdoors. This coincides with an increase in mosquito breeding and activity.

The focus of these opportunistic winter treatments is to head off this typical surge in mosquitoes at this time of the year. Treatments will then continue for the remainder of the 2018/19 season.

The City of Mandurah’s Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said

“As the weather warms up people tend to spend more time outdoors, so it’s important that we remember to protect ourselves and our families and not to rely on mosquito reduction efforts alone.”

To minimise the risk of mosquito bites and the risk of disease, people should:

• use personal insect repellent containing DEET or Picaridin;
• cover up by wearing long, loose fitting clothing, avoid wearing dark colours;
• ensure infants and children are adequately protected against mosquito bites, preferably with suitable clothing, bed nets or other forms of insect screening;
• avoid outdoor exposure particularly during peak mosquito activity times, at dawn and dusk;
• ensure screen doors and windows are secured properly;
• empty or cover any standing water around the home or holiday accommodation to reduce mosquito breeding;
• use pesticide barrier sprays around the home garden that provide ongoing relief from mosquitoes; and
• use mosquito nets or mosquito-proof tents when camping or sleeping outdoors.

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