Wednesday, 29 August 2018

George Pascott is passionate about the Mandurah environment and its flora and fauna. He is a member of the Mandurah Environmental Action Group (MEAG).

This group meets regularly, together with the City of Mandurah Environment team to work on best practice stewardship for our beautiful environment.

Mr Pascott had noticed that the water quality of the Cox Bay Foreshore lakes had deteriorated over the past five years and this was having a negative impact on bird life.

“The ecology of the lakes has changed and there are less species of birds,” Mr Pascott said.

“I believe this was partly due to feeding bread to the birds,” he said.

“People, particularly children, enjoy feeding the ducks. They are not aware of the negative effects to the health of the birds,” Mr Pascott said.

George contacted his local councillor Tahlia Jones with a suggestion to put up signage to inform visitors of the consequences of feeding the local birds.

Councillor Jones in turn made it happen. She praised him for his community spirit.

“Thank you to Mr Pascott for bringing this matter to the attention of Council,” said Councillor Jones.

“I have been working with Mr Pascott on this signage for some time and would like to thank him for his commitment to this environmental issue and maintaining this beautiful space in the Coastal Ward,” said the Councillor.

“This is just a small example of this council’s commitment to being a citizen led community,” she said.

“We councillors certainly don’t have a monopoly on wisdom and ideas and we are always open to suggestions from the community on improving our community,” Ms Jones said.

The good news is that these signs are now going to be rolled out at other lakes that are experiencing the same problems as those identified by Mr Pascott.