Wednesday, 29 August 2018

Craig Waterman is living his dream.

When men come to Craig Waterman and his team at Squared Away – the first thing that Craig asks them is - What is your dream?

For one it was to become a chef, another a boilermaker.

Ask Craig the same question and he says –

“I’m living my dream – this is it for the rest of my life – 38 years of working and poor mental health was all training for this,” said Craig.

‘This’ is Squared Away a local not for profit that provides practical support for local men who are struggling.

Currently there are five young fellers staying at Squared Away’s rental property. All of them are being helped to achieve their dream.

And this is why Craig is this month’s Local Legend.

“Craig and his team have put their own time and money into helping others, and in turn helping make us a better community,” said Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

“ He has turned his own life around through hard work and the support of others, and now he is giving back in a big way.

“Mandurah is no different to any other community, some of our people are struggling with mental health problems.

“While the issue of mental health is very much coming out of the shadows, men’s mental health is still something that has an unfair stigma attached to it.

“ Craig and the Squared Away team are helping break down that stigma and providing practical solutions – like every community, we need more Craigs,” the Mayor said.