Friday, 31 August 2018

Father Christmas has decided to schedule Christmas in Mandurah a bit earlier this year. Usually he plumps for the second Tuesday in December but is a tad busy so he has moved the kick off to Friday November 30. The good news is this gives us a couple of extra weeks of Christmas cheer.

He also made the clever strategic decision to use the Christmas pageant to launch Christmas in Mandurah. At the same time he will flip the switch and light up Christmas in Mandurah.

The festival will wrap up on New Year’s Eve with fireworks.

Because he is so busy he has delegated the organisation of the whole month of Christmas in Mandurah happiness to the City of Mandurah event elves. Being the collaborative team of elves they are, they are asking local business and community groups to develop and deliver a range of new Christmas activities and events with a focus on the City centre and the marina. This will begin the new tradition of a month long celebration in Mandurah at Christmas.

“We want business and community groups to share their ideas with us, and help us compile the calendar of events” said the Head Elf Adelle Henry.

“It might be as simple as a Christmas feast at a restaurant or community groups singing Christmas carols,” she said.

“There are already good ideas coming including a special Christmas Flotilla – and of course there will be the canal Christmas lights.”

“Another great idea is working with local artists to dress local shop windows. People can also look forward to lots of food trucks and special theming for the Mandjar markets,” said Adelle

Christmas in Mandurah has become an important draw for tourists, and by starting a little earlier the idea is we will boost numbers during early December, which is often a little quiet.

“I am really happy the events team (elves) at the City are looking to work with the community and in particular with local business because the best ideas always come from the community,” said Mandurah Mayor, Rhys Williams.

“This initiative is just one in a series that works to activate the city centre, boost business and ultimately supports more jobs for our young people,” he said.

“If you have a good idea for a Christmas event your business wants to run as part of Christmas in Mandurah I encourage you to contact our events team on 9550 3840 or email