Thursday, 21 March 2019

The City of Mandurah is developing a Locality Street Tree Masterplan to help guide future street tree planting initiatives to create a more sustainable and liveable city.

Street trees are selected to enhance the future canopy cover and reflect the cultural and environmental characteristics of Mandurah.

A community engagement process is now underway to better understand the community’s thoughts on what type of street trees they would like to see around the city.

City of Mandurah Mayor Rhys Williams said the City will be drafting an Urban Canopy Strategy designed to protect, enhance and maintain shade providing trees across Mandurah.

“Mandurah has so much natural beauty and we are continuing to work in this space to protect and enhance our urban canopy, including how we deal with our street trees.

“We’re encouraging our community to find out more about the trees being considered in their area and to help shape our Locality Street Tree Masterplan.

“Feedback provided by our community will contribute to the Masterplan aimed at making our streets greener,” Mr Williams said.

The City has been working with environmental consultants and landscape architects to provide a comprehensive approach to this work and is now calling for the community to have their say on their preferences for trees species.

The following design principles will be used in development of the plan:

  • Enhance the local character of distinct streets or areas by defining precinct planting objectives

  • Provide for diversification through variety of species, age and growth rates

  • Reinforce and celebrate major intersections, nodes and gateways

  • Enhance key cultural and commercial sites

  • Provide for solar access, where appropriate

  • Provide consistency and visual uniformity to reinforce a sense of identity

  • Allow adjacent natural landscape character to inform the street tree planting where existing reserves/open space adjoin a street

For more information or to have your say, visit  The community engagement period closes on 28 April 2019.