Friday, 5 April 2019

The City is planning an enclosed dog park and we want to know your thoughts on where it should be located?

With nearly 15,000 dogs registered in the City of Mandurah, responsible dog ownership is so important for our community.

An enclosed park will help to contribute to happier, healthier, better socialised dogs and create a community space for dog owners to socialise.

Responsible off-lead areas for dogs already exist within designated spaces around Mandurah.  However, enclosed dog parks are particularly beneficial for those who may find it difficult to exercise their dog by walking extended distances.

Eight potential sites have been identified, in most cases they are areas already used by dog owners.

  • Acheron Road, San Remo

  • 34-38 Karinga Road, San Remo

  • Leslie Street, Dudley Park

  • Melaleuca Terrace, Halls Head

  • Mary Street, Halls Head

  • Fairbridge Road, Halls Head

  • Steerforth Avenue, Coodanup

  • Cambridge Drive, Greenfields

Design elements including park layout, activity zones, circulation paths, fencing, entry points, surface materials, plants, amenities and maintenance management will be developed once the site has been selected.

For more information or to have your say, visit The public consultation period closes on Thursday, 9 May.

The findings will then be presented to Council with costings to be considered as part of future budgets.