Monday, 4 November 2019
City of Mandurah's Health Services team with Environmental Health Local Government Team of the Year award

The City of Mandurah’s Health Services team has been named among the best in the state at the Environmental Health Australia WA conference in September.

The City was presented the Environmental Health Local Government Team of the Year Award for outstanding service in the field of environmental health.

The Health Services team delivers a range of important public health programs to the community such as mosquito management, food safety, water safety, event management and community education. They also respond to public concerns relating to various health-related matters such as asbestos, noise and pollution.

The team was awarded for excelling in their roles and projects, and going above and beyond their core duties in environmental health.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said the team’s work with the community and local businesses was something the City could be proud of.

“Our Health Services officers conduct themselves with a high level of professionalism and respect when going about their duties, while ensuring the health of our residents and visitors is at the forefront of everything they do,” Mr Newman said.

“They have worked hard over the years to build relationships and trust within the community, and have shown a commitment to making the City one of the easiest local governments to do business with, which we highly value.

“I am very proud of the team and congratulate them for their remarkable efforts.”

The team also actively benchmarks with other local governments to identify business improvements, and participates in industry networking to ensure the service they deliver achieves the greatest health outcomes for the community.

Photo caption: City of Mandurah’s Health Services team Scott Severn, Peta Foulkes, Tamara Sharrett, Demi Leggerini, Glen Fiorini, Paul Hudson (back row), Alexandra Kay, Gail Frater, Kim Frost, Yashvee Manrakhan-Field, Wendy Murphy and Danielle Isaac (front row).