Thursday, 5 December 2019

“Woven by waterways, a city with a village heart.”

After a year of collaborative work with more than 1600 community members as part of the Mandurah Matters project, this is Mandurah’s community aspiration statement. The vision that has been signed off by our community is:

We are built in nature - a meeting place surrounded by unique waterways, where the wellbeing of our people and our environment are nurtured; where business in the community can thrive and entrepreneurship is celebrated.

We will be the place where a thriving regional city and the heart of a village meet. This is our Mandjoogoordap.

All Mandurah residents are being encouraged to commit to help achieving and bringing to life this aspiration and vision.

In late 2018, the City of Mandurah launched one of its biggest community engagement projects to date, Mandurah Matters. At the heart of the project, the City wanted to find out what drives its people and community, and what is important to them.

The city-wide campaign aimed to provide a framework for a citizen-led vision for Mandurah’s future. Close to 1600 people contributed to and created Mandurah’s shared vision, a vision about what Mandurah will look and feel like in years to come.

As a result of this collective work, a community identity, vision and aspiration has been shaped, which will guide the City and community in future planning and goal setting via four key themes – economic, social, health and environment.

Mayor Rhys Williams thanked the community for their time and valuable input into the Mandurah Matters project, and creating the shared vision for the future.

“A huge thank you and appreciation to everyone who got involved in creating this important vision, and getting to the heart of what matters to Mandurah’s people,” he said.

“This vision belongs to you, our community, and we need your help to bring it to life – to put it into action to have far-reaching benefits for everyone.

“We have a strong sense of community in Mandurah, and we are all responsible for promoting a positive image of our city to Make Mandurah Matter. We can all do this by sharing the pride we have for our city, and the reasons we love Mandurah, which is an important part of celebrating our community and shaping our future.

“The City will support all community members to become strong cultural ambassadors and talk about Mandurah with pride, so we can share with everyone what a great place Mandurah is to be.”

Part of the next phase of Mandurah Matters will be the release of the new 20 Year Strategic Community Plan, which will help to provide direction for the delivery of the vision.

What will you do to Make Mandurah Matter? Commit to bringing the vision to life and visit

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