Junior Netball Rules and By-Laws

Full netball rules and by-laws apply throughout the game with the exception of:

  • Players will have 5 seconds to throw the ball   
  • The goal post will be lowered to 8 feet   
  • Defending in or out of the circle will be allowed but players must be 4 feet away   
  • Players will be picked up for stepping, off side, replay, breaking and over a third and the ball will be given to the other team
  • Contact and obstruction will result in the player being put out of play   

Basic Information

  • Teams are to provide their own uniforms, all uniforms need to be the same colour
  • Teams need to provide their own coaches and team managers
  • Fees are to paid at the start of the season, or at the time of nomination
  • Finals will be played in the final week of term

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