Trading Permits

There are two types of trading permits:

  • Commercial and Aquatic Operators; and
  • Mobile Traders.

The City of Mandurah Trading Permit Guidelines contain all of the required information and assessment provisions for both types of permits

Commercial and Aquatic Operators

All Commercial and Aquatic Operators require a Trading Permit.

Within the City Centre Waterfront Precinct, key locations have been identified (Refer Figure 1) where trading activity is encouraged.

There are also a number of locations throughout Mandurah, outside of the City Centre Waterfront Precinct, which have been designated as suitable sites for commercial and aquatic operators (Refer Figure 2). 

Alternative locations not identified within Figures 1 and 2 may be considered subject to approval by Council.

Mobile Traders

All Mobile Traders require a Trading Permit. Mobile Traders are encouraged to locate within the pre-approved locations indicated in Figure 2 of the Trading Permits Guidelines, however, alternative locations may be considered by the City of Mandurah, with the exception of:

  • the Eastern Foreshore;
  • the Western Foreshore;
  • Mandurah City Centre (area bounded by Mandurah Terrace, Pinjarra Road, Gibson Street and Sutton Street;
  • Mandurah Ocean Marina;
  • All road reserves which are under the control of Main Roads WA (Mandurah Road, Old Coast Road, Mandjoogoordap Drive and Pinjarra Road east of Mandurah Road);
  • Major roads under the control of the City of Mandurah (which include Peel/Allnutt Street, Mandurah Terrace (south of Anstruther Road), Anstruther Road, Pinjarra Road (west of Mandurah Road), Murdoch Drive, Gordon Road and Leslie Street.

Application Process

An application can be made on the relevant application form, including the required application fee of $100. The following details/information are required to be completed/provided:

Commercial and Aquatic Operators – application form:

  • provide the proposed  preferred location(s), including alternatives, that they seek approval to operate from and a detailed site plan to indicate location and extent of the area required;
  • provide details of the activity they wish to conduct, the equipment required and the estimated number of participants;
  • provide details of the proposed means of access to the site(s). A completed Application for Vehicle Access form will be required if you wish to take your vehicle onto any public open space;
  • provide details of the proposed hours of operation;
  • provide details of appropriate management procedures relating to the activity;
  • provide details of any signage proposed;
  • provide evidence of consultation with relevant government agencies such as: Department of Transport, Department of Fisheries, Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage and Department of Environment and Conservation;
  • provide copies of all relevant qualifications.

For approval to trade within the summer period (1 October – 30 April), applications must be made by 30 June.

Mobile Traders – application form:

  • Applicant Details;
  • Details of Assistants;
  • Proposed Location(s) of Trade including site plan(s);
  • Proposed means of Vehicular Access to the site;
  • Days and Hours of Trade;
  • Details of Goods and Services to be Traded;
  • Details of any Structures, Stall or Vehicle (s) to be used (photographs to be submitted where possible);
  • Vehicle and Trailer Licence Plate details;
  • Copy of public liability insurance to the value of 10 million;
  • Any other additional information to support the proposal.

All trading permits are valid for 12 months. The valid permit is required to be displayed and/or produced upon request.

Once approval has been granted for either type of permit, a permit fee will be required to be paid prior to the commencement of operations.

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