Crime Prevention Surveys

The Community Safety and Crime Prevention Perceptions Survey is a City wide survey. Survey responses and comments influence the City’s community safety priorities which make up the Community Safety and Crime Prevention Partnership Plan.

Previous Survey Results

The 2016 survey results indicated that respondents generally felt that Mandurah was a safe and friendly place to live. Respondents always felt safer during the day than at night across a number of City locations.

Safety issues our community identified were:
  • Hooning and speeding
  • The need for street lighting maintenance
  • Concerns about public drug and alcohol use
Our community estimated that the most frequently occurring offences were:
  • Theft from and damage to motor vehicles
  • Anti-social behaviour
  • Drug use
In the past, surveys have helped the City to identify key issues important to Mandurah residents and as a result, the City has been successful in attracting approximately $1 million worth of grant funding towards community safety and crime prevention projects and initiatives.

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