Local Structure Plans

Local Structure Plans, formerly known as Outline Development Plans, are prepared on behalf of landowners, as a prerequisite for subdivision and development on land zoned 'Urban Development' under Town Planning Scheme No 3.

Approval of an outline development plan is required from Council and the Western Australian Planning Commission. As part of the approval or modification process, a period of public consultation is required. These will appear on the public comment page.

All approved Outline Development Plans are available through the City’s online mapping system under the 'Town Planning' module of the system, however the major plans where development is currently occurring are located via the links box on this page.

Activity Centre Structure Plans

Activity centre structure plans, previously known as Precinct Plans are prepared by the City of Mandurah as a prerequisite for subdivision and development of land zoned 'City Centre Development' under Town Planning Scheme No. 3

The following activity centre plans have been prepared and approved.

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