Recycling Dry Cell Batteries

Around 18 million batteries go to landfill in Western Australia every year. Dry-cell batteries make up about 60% of those batteries.

Batteries contain non-renewable minerals and metals. By separating batteries from your ordinary household rubbish so they don't go to landfill will enable their reuse in a range of products.

Some batteries still contain heavy metals which could be harmful to health and wildlife if they break down and leak into the environment. Preventing batteries from going directly into landfill by participating in the dry-cell battery recycling program will remove this risk.

How can I recycle my household batteries?

  • Store your batteries in a cool, dry, well-ventilated area 
  • Drop your batteries off at a battery recycle bin - refer to local collection points below
  • Place your batteries into the battery recycle bin 

Batteries will be collected when the bins are filled and transported for recycling. 

Local collection points

  • City of Mandurah Administration Centre - 3 Peel Street, Mandurah 
  • Mandurah Aquatic & Recreation Centre – Pinjarra Rd, Mandurah 
  • City of Mandurah Library – 331 Pinjarra Road, Mandurah 
  • Falcon eLibrary & Community Centre - Flavia Street, Falcon 
  • Mandurah Performing Arts Centre - Ormsby Terrace, Mandurah 
  • Waste Management Centre - Lot 10 Gordon Road, Meadow Springs 

For further information please view the Dry-Cell Battery Recycling brochure here
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