Public Art

The City of Mandurah recognises that art offers an opportunity to cultivate and celebrate Mandurah’s cultural identity in dynamic, unique and creative ways.

Cities, towns and villages around the world adorn their public spaces and buildings with art to commemorate significant events, reflect an aspect of their culture, tell stories or just for the sheer enjoyment of great art.

Mandurah’s strong links to the estuary and ocean, provide visually rich and diverse spaces for an open air gallery of artworks. Within this collection are works that might frame a view, link us to our heritage or encourage touch. Some can prompt sad memories while others trigger joyful play.

Mandurah's heritage sites are marked by tall, elegant poles designed by Steve Tepper drawing attention to public art commissions that capture aspects of our history.

Many works are discreet and await discovery by a sharp set of eyes that can distinguish them in the streetscape, whilst those of a larger scale can activate a view.

All are there for our enjoyment and contemplation.

Yaburgurt Memorial Project

Know Y.

Yaburgurt Winjan, was a significant figure in the Aboriginal community. Settlers gave him a name 'George' so we know of him as George Winjan, although it is respectful that he be remembered and referred to as Yaburgurt Winjan because this is the name that he was given by his parents.


Koolbardies Talking group approached the City of Mandurah to talk about commemorating the one hundredth anniversary of the death of Yaburgurt in 2015.

The City is working with the Yaburgurt Reference Group to create a public artwork that will bring to life the essence and character of Yaburgurt. Having secured $190,000 from Royalties for Regions artist, Peter Farmer has been appointed to create the artwork  which will be located in Mandjar Square later in the year.  A number of other activities have been activated including a play title Whispering Leaves, workshops with the artist, yarning and information tours and a series of education/teacher activity packs that encourage fun while learning more about Aboriginal History and Heritage

The aim is to:

  • Celebrate the life of Yaburgurt, highlighting our indigenous and unique characteristics

  • Increase the profile of Yaburgurt, his life and his importance to the history and heritage of the Binjareb people and Mandurah

  • Encourage residents and visitors to make meaningful connections with Mandurah’s history and heritage

  • Encourage a sense of place and identity for residents and visitors.

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