Open Studio Collective 2017

Artists in the 2017 Open Studio Collective

CASM Open Studio Collective welcomes local Mandurah and Rockingham artists:

Michael Bell


Recently exhibiting at CASM in his Sensorium exhibition, Michael Bell returns for an intense, short studio experience. Michael expresses nature through abstract landscapes, exploring its relationship with the human spirit. Working in oils, his thickly layered, luscious textures evoke memories and journeys, past and present.

Trista Campbell


An emerging artist with an inquisitive, whimsical abstract style, Trista Campbell is hoping to develop her art portfolio, network with other artists, enhance her brand and promote her resin art workshops during the Open Studio Collective. Inspired by abstract artists such as Joan Miro, Wassily Kandinsky, Salvador Dali & Jackson Pollock, Trista continues to develop her own unique style and painting techniques by experimenting with mix of acrylics, inks, emulsions, pigment pastes, epoxy resin and a secret recipe to create an array of different visual effects.

Helen Coleman


Helen Coleman is an award-winning, emerging Western Australian artist working primarily with encaustic / mixed media. She is inspired by the long-forgotten stories and illustrations from our past, particularly from science and natural history. Her passion is to bring these images to life, to create a connection with the modern viewer and promote reflection on how the past relates to our lives today.

Angela Downing


Originally from South Africa, Angela Downing now considers herself to be an Australian artist with a passion for photography along with the Creative Arts. Initially starting with portraiture, Angela now combines her developed interests in macro photography, landscape photography and photo-journalism to tell her stories.

Ashley Hay


Capturing ‘story’ and ‘place’ is the essence of Ashley Hay’s artwork. She approaches visual imagery with a spiritual ethos... as an intuitive response to her surroundings. “Through my work I hope to communicate a sense of peace, beauty and rest that can be found in meditation or nature, when we allow ourselves to slow down and contemplate the beauty of the world in which we live.”
Ashley works ‘Plein Air’ to complement her studio practice.

Belinda Joynes


Belinda Joynes explores themes relating to culture and identity as seen in her recent solo exhibition Mythopoeia. Inspired by the art many traditional cultures from around the world, Belinda uses bold colours and patterns to express her joy and connection to the landscapes of Western Australia. Her paintings also express the tendencies for humans to ornament, control and tame the nature that we live in.

Carmel Sayer


Carmel Sayer uses her artwork to explore the relationship between postmodern global society and the diminishment of human spirituality. Through her work, Sayer explores the adverse effects on humanity and the soul, rising from the misuse of technology and a loss of connectivity with nature and one’s self within high density urban environments. Carmel has also recently exhibited at CASM in Sensorium.

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