Open Studio Collective 2018

Open Studio Collective

Open Studio Collective 2018

Visit CASM in January to experience a collective of local artists working within an open studio environment. Engage in thought provoking conversation while learning about each artist’s practice including their working concepts and techniques. Be the first to view new works, purchase original artworks direct from the artist and find out about new workshop opportunities.

Joshua Brew

Research suggests that young men in contemporary western culture often lack direction and guidance in life, resulting in a less-than-admirable collection of qualities and stereotypes that perpetuate negative and self-destructive behaviour. As an emerging young male artist, my work aims to explore how young men learn to acknowledge the challenges the world throws at them and how we tackle these issues. As young men, we have emotions and weaknesses and we need to know how to face them in a culture that demands stoicness and impenetrable emotional defences.

Through a strong use of symbolism, traditional skills and techniques, and drawing inspiration from Renaissance and Surrealist artists like Botticelli, Michelangelo, Dali and Kahlo, my work represent the struggles and hopes I or those around me have experienced. Stories are powerful and should be shared and explored.

My practice incorporates the exploration of healthy forms of emotional expression for young males through the utilisation of fine arts disciplines. Having lived in Mandurah all my life, I have witnessed the mental, emotional and spiritual health needs of young men and boys through my time as a leader at Eastlake Church, and then my current observations as a full-time Visual Art and Graphic Design specialist teacher at Mandurah Baptist College. This has seen an expansion of my understanding of other young men and their transition from boyhood to manhood, further informing my practice and the imagery and stories I present in my work.

Alana Grant

As a ceramic sculptor the ability to shape, construct and stretch clay to a peak balance point is where I find my joy. My works are influenced by the internal and external landscape. Occasionally other mediums are used if it makes sense conceptually or practically due to location and recourses.

I use my art practice in a multifaceted way, art for "therapy" which tends to lead to more to symbolism, myth and fantasy inspired works. For the most part, my work is an avenue to explore external and internal landscapes, how this presents itself in a measurable way is spending time researching scientifically, politically, historically and socially my environment, the cultural constructs and ideologies that exist within the people who inhabit this environment.... as these inform and influence the health of the individual, the collective community and the ecosystem they occupy, It really is all intrinsically interconnected.

Through my art practice I have explored concepts related to deforestation, the whaling industry, fish farming and genetic modification, domestic violence, female archetypes and stereotypes in regards to sexuality, coal seam gas, contamination and misuse of water as a resource and as landscape such as the sea, rivers and wetlands, the role of religion, symbolism within religion, sacred geometry and the rational safety net but shifting nature of science.

Ashley Hay

Capturing ‘story’ and ‘place’ is the essence of my artwork. I approach visual imagery with a Spiritual ethos... as an intuitive response to my surroundings - coming from the heart of who I am:

I need to ‘be’ and ‘feel’ connected with my work, so often it has a sense of personal meaning that is based on my ‘story’ or ‘journey’. Through my work I hope to communicate a sense of peace, beauty and rest that can be found in nature, when we allow ourselves to slow down and contemplate the beauty of the world in which we live.

“ELEMENTAL" - Fire, Earth & Water... will be the focus of the textural explorations in my artwork, at CASM, over January. I intend the artwork to be a celebration of nature and an expression of my felt, spiritual response to the elements of FIRE, EARTH & WATER (in abstract works) that will, hopefully, evoke an appreciation in the viewer of the pictorial representation of a sense of place and that through their appreciation my story will connect with the story of the viewer.

Noela O’Keefe

I came to art quite late. I do remember my high school art teacher at Rockingham Senior High School - Mr Jane was his name - saying 'Noela, step away from the easel'. My academic learning took me away from the art room.

Still, the time came when my creativity needed an outlet and I began with needle and thread creating clothing and patchwork with, in retrospect, some quite impressive results. When I was somewhere over the rainbow (40) and the single mother of three boisterous boys, I took a 6 week course in watercolour painting. I had always admired the seeming simplicity - ha! I was fine during instructed lessons. At home and letting my imagination loose, I managed to create many a muddy mess. This led me to pastels. I loved them immediately and have now worked with them for many years. Of course, life, career and moves happen and I didn't touch anything for years. Then I found oils ... maybe oils found me.

My art, therefore, has developed organically through my life, as have I. I love working with oils. I interpret what I see rather than paint what I see. I love that each painting I finish has its own character and has taught me something. I am certainly an artist in the making and I truly hope that never, ever changes.

Lisa Payton

My passion for vibrant colours and the magnificence of the natural landscape with its immense open spaces and organic shapes is what drives me to create. My works are vibrant and expressive, and I enjoy watching people interpreting the artworks and creating their own environmental story from them.

My artwork practice ranges from resin artworks to Powertex sculptures through which I explore many techniques and combine aspects of them to create new layered artworks or sculptures.

Painting from a bird's eye view, my process involves juxtaposing textured layers and acrylic ink glazes and applies a diverse variety of mediums. These include resin, acrylic paint and ink, acrylic mediums, textured plasters, Powertex fabric hardener, and textured paste. These I apply to canvas, board sculptures and aluminium structures through experimental paint pouring, palette knife, and sculpture techniques.

My artworks are a conduit to connect people with the environment. Through the abstract bird's eye view people often recognize a place they have been throughout Australia. It is through the recognition of the land that I am able to deliver a positive environmental message, one of respect and responsibility towards the earth we live in.

Artist talk: Thur, 1 Feb, 6pm – 7.30pm

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