Stretch Arts Festival Grants

Have you got a great creative idea that you would like to showcase at the Stretch Arts Festival 2018 on the 5 & 6 May?

Applications for Stretch grants are now open!

The Council is able to support initiatives which support one the following five (5) objectives:

1. Enhance social well-being and encourage participation in local community art or cultural activities

2. Develop and nurture the skill base of our local community

3. Engage in partnerships with community groups, schools, young people, people with disabilities or seniors

4. Develop contemporary artistic practices

5. Express local culture and identity

We welcome applications from organisations or individuals living in the Mandurah area and/or delivering projects as part of the Stretch Arts Festival, April-May.

Available Funding: $15,000 funding pool Maximum funding level $2,000

For more information, download the Arts Grants Guide, email or phone Heloise Lorimer on 9550 3279.

Register Here

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