The City of Mandurah is committed to supporting decisions made by the state and federal government in response to COVID-19 and will ensure that our local business community is kept informed and supported as we journey through this together.

Resources for small business - state and federal government supports

A range of resources and support services have been made available to small businesses

Free local business support and advice

Support for employers and job seekers

South West WA Employment Facilitator
Maryanne Baker
Contact: 0407 958 181 or by email

Peel Jobs and Skills Centre (JSC)
Training and employment advice and assistance service via phone 13 64 64 and email To keep up to date with local job opportunities and occupations in demand contact the Peel JSC and follow their website for regular updates and upcoming events.

Mental Health Support

If you're looking for mental health support during this current unprecedented environment, we recommend heading to Beyond Blue or Lifeline for over the phone or virtual support. Both websites provide up-to-date information to help everyone in Australia with their mental health.

Beyond Blue also have a free dedicated mental health coaching program designed for small business owners, including sole traders.