Since 2015, we have been working to update our current City of Mandurah identity which has been in place for over 20 years. There have been several strategic inputs during the development of the organisational brand strategy, including our purpose and values, and the outcomes from the Mandurah Matters community consultation process.

Why the refresh?

The organisation has been a City since 1990 and in that time, Mandurah has grown from a place with a population of 25,000 to a thriving city with a population of over 85,000 residents. Whilst we have grown and matured, the way we present ourselves and the way we communicate has to some degree not. This has created a very fragmented brand and therefore communications, making it difficult for our community to connect with us and understand what we deliver for our community.

The new City of Mandurah identity was endorsed by Council in December 2019, with the roll out to begin during the third quarter of 2020.


In 2015, over 200 of our staff were involved in creating our purpose statement and values. These were approved by Council at that time and was the beginning of our journey to a refreshed identity.

Our purpose 

To create a vibrant and connected city that supports and improves the community for everyone. 

This purpose statement defines the role of the City as an organisation in delivering outcomes for the community but also ensures staff understand their role in delivering those outcomes. 

Our values 

Connected - One team. One community.

Integrity - Do it right. Do it safe.

Courage - Be brave and resilient. Embrace change.

Excellence - Be accountable. Deliver exceptional service.

Innovative - Lead the way. Have a can-do attitude.

These values are now embedded as part of the culture of the organisation and are included in the employee induction process, staff development and performance reviews and within key strategic documents.


Our brand strategy has been developed considering the purpose and values of the organisation, our community vision and the outcomes from the Mandurah Matters process. These considerations have been placed at the centre of our identity to guide us in our decisions and actions, and to ensure we act as cultural ambassadors, demonstrating the pride we have in our city. 

Place aspiration 

Woven by waterways (gabi), a city with a village heart (mandjoo koort).  

Place vision 

We are built in nature – a meeting place surrounded by unique waterways, where the wellbeing of our people and our environment are nurtured; where business in the community can thrive and entrepreneurship is celebrated. We will be the place where a thriving regional city and the heart of a village meet. This is our Mandjoogoordap. 

What matters to Mandurah 


  • Supporting and empowering local businesses
  • A diversity of employment, industries and enterprise
  • Creating local jobs and opportunities
  • Fostering innovation and creativity in enterprise
  • Giving consideration to the impact of industry on the environment


  • Engaging, enabling and promoting the youth
  • Hearing and embracing all voices, past and present
  • Protecting the natural environment as we create shared spaces
  • People feeling safe no matter where they are
  • Vibrant and welcoming places for all to share


  • A compassionate whole-of-health system focused on wellbeing
  • Readily available, highly accessible services and facilities
  • Appropriate support for an ageing population
  • Technology and infrastructure that aids in better health
  • Understanding the environment’s role in preventative health


  • Nature having a voice at the table in all decisions
  • Preserving and celebrating the waterways – our greatest asset
  • A beautiful, clean and sustainable environment for all
  • Protecting the natural environment for generations to come
  • Deep engagement and respect for the environment


Our new logo tells a story of our community and our place.

When all these elements are woven together, with reference to our place aspiration - ‘woven by waterways’ - it forms our identity. The primary colour of our logo is a shade of blue inspired by one of the six Noongar seasons in our new colour palette. These seasons reveal the colours reflected in our environment throughout the year.


Connection, industry and a thriving city
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Water, movement and our energy 
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Woggaal, beauty and our waterways 
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Coastal, freedom, peaceful and subtle nod to previous identity 
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Meeting place

Our Mandjoogoordap - meeting place of the heart and the people of Mandurah 
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Boats Bow

Mandurah’s history, water recreation, fishing and crabbing 
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Mandurah identity, recognition and pride 
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How it fits together

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Mandurah is full of colour and our palette has been selected to reflect the vibrancy of Mandurah and its connection to the land and water and is inspired by the six Noongar seasons. 

August - September
Noongar season: Djiba
Theme: second rains; warmer
Djilba - shades of purple and brown

October - November
Noongar season: Kambarang
Theme: flowering
Kambarang - yellow, pink and green

December - January
Noongar season: Birak
Theme: hot and dry
Birak - different types of red and black

February - March
Noongar season: Boonaroo
Theme: fruiting
Boonaroo - shades of orange and brown

April - May
Noongar season: Djiran
Theme: first rains; first dew
Djiran - shades of green

June - July
Noongar season: Mookaroo
Theme: cold and wet
Mookaroo - shades of blue


Our organisation has two key communicators, the City of Mandurah and Visit Mandurah, our organisation is responsible for driving tourism and visitation. Though we are separate, we are connected through our place aspiration. This ensures that we are focused in our combined role of supporting the community’s vision for Mandurah. 

City of Mandurah (Place Maker) 

We are one of the main cultural ambassadors and project leaders for Mandurah, along with administering the functional needs of the City, we elicit deep seated pride in place. We are a voice from within the community and support the community led vision for our city and deliver on our purpose. 

Visit Mandurah (Place Promoter) 

Visit Mandurah tells Mandurah’s story and welcomes visitors to share in, and experience, our culture. Visit Mandurah has the energy and allure to pique interest while clearly expressing the area’s unique experiences, aiming to make people think differently about Mandurah. 


For any City identity related questions not covered in our FAQs or for more information about the use of the City of Mandurah logo and co-branding with the City, please contact the Corporate Communications Department.

One of the most exciting aspects of rolling out the new brand is the dual naming of our places and spaces. Dual naming in Noongar language is an important step in celebrating and preserving the traditional language of our first people. We feel very proud as a City to be dual naming our buildings throughout Mandurah.

As part of our transformation we are rolling out the first of 11 dual named City building signage, starting with the following:

City facility: Admin building

Dual Naming: Yoolin Mia

Meaning: Supporting the leaders – Mia (House)

Admin building (vision): Woven by waterways (gabi), a city with a village (mandjoo) heart (koort)

Gabi (water/waterways), Mandjoo (village meeting place), Koort (heart)

City facility: Council Chambers

Dual Naming: Boordiya Mia

Meaning: Leaders – Mia (House)

City facility: Seniors Centre

Dual Naming: Dandjoo Kaadadjan Mia

Meaning: Coming together of wisdom  – Mia (House)

City facility: Billy Dower Youth Centre

Dual Naming: Moorditj Mia

Meaning: Safe place – Mia (House)

City facility: Mandurah Museum

Dual Naming: Kora Kori Baalap Mia

Meaning: Kora (way past, ice age times, 10,000 years ago), Kori (not so distant past), Baalap (people), Mia (House)

woven by waterways - a city with a village heart