Mandurah Sports Awards

The Mandurah Sports Awards are an annual event that recognises outstanding sportspersons, clubs and volunteers.

Mandurah Sports Awards

Programs to get involved in

Connect your community, support mental well-being and get to know your neighbours by embracing a local space.

Embrace a Space is an easy to follow, step-by-step guide for community members to use in celebrating and caring for their important spaces. 

Mandurah is renowned for its beautiful waterways, charming plants and wildlife and relaxed, inviting lifestyle. Embrace a Space supports bringing local spaces to life, by providing a platform for community members to connect with nature and each other. Groups of interested residents will be supported through a process of establishing, developing and implementing an activity plan to successfully care for community spaces. 

If you're ready to embrace your local space then register as a contact person.

Download the Embrace a Space guide and template kit

We all feel better when we belong.

All Mandurah residents are encouraged to get neighbourly and connect with their neighbours.

There are a number of tools and resources available to help residents connect with their neighbours. Check out some tips and programs below and commit to touching base with your neighbours today.

Research has shown connecting with your neighbours is important for a number of reasons, including:

  • reducing social isolation and loneliness,
  • building informal social support networks,
  • sharing of local knowledge,
  • reducing crime and increasing reporting of suspicious activities, and
  • positive mental outcomes.
Street Mates Mandurah

The City of Mandurah has developed 'Street Mates Mandurah', a neighbour resource with tips and ideas for connecting with your neighbours.

The Neighbour Resource Brochure contains:

  • ‘How’ and ‘Why’ to connect with your neighbours
  • Sample invites, name tags and other resources to help you plan a neighbour event
  • Examples of neighbour connection initiatives from around Mandurah

View the Street Mates Mandurah brochure

Also available:

  • ‘Get to know your neighbour’ fridge magnets
  • Information on neighbourhood safety (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design)
  • Watch Your Speed bin stickers

To collect a hardcopy of the brochure email or visit your local library.

Friendly Neighbour Support Postcards

If your neighbours need help while isolating or some support occasionally, you can pop one of our Friendly Neighbour Support Postcards in their letterbox or by their front door and let them know you are are available to help.

Pick up Support Postcards from one of our City libraries at Falcon, Lakelands and Mandurah or download from this page.

View and download Friendly Neighbour Support Postcards

Best For...

From the urban to the rural, the artistic to the environmental and the tranquil to the thrilling... there are no limits to the experiences you can have in Mandurah.  There are so many places to bring your senses back to life, Mandurah is overflowing with adventure for families.  However you choose to enjoy it, this remarkable part of the world will leave you feeling rejuvenated.

The City is a partner with Mentally Healthy WA, which operate the Act Belong Commit Program:

Act, Belong, Commit

Act – to stay active mentally, physically, socially, spiritually and culturally

Belong – keep connected to friends, family and community

Commit – participate in activities that are meaningful to you

The Health & Wellbeing Guide has been created by the City of Mandurah to connect you to services that encourage and improve mental health and wellbeing.

View the Health and Wellbeing Guide

Blender Bike

The City of Mandurah has a blender bike, for hire, to schools, sporting clubs, community groups, residents and local businesses. The blender is powered by the cycle motion and is a fun way of encouraging people to get active whilst they blend their smoothie drink.   It is a colourful, interactive and fun way to promote and encourage both healthy eating and physical activity.

Please be aware that the City only supplies the blender bike, we do not supply the smoothie ingredients. Please refer to booking form.

Play if Food Safe

The ‘Play it Food Safe’ public campaign, which aims to reduce the number of foodborne illness cases by changing behaviour and culture around food preparation and storage. For more information please visit Healthy WA Food Safety.

Grow it Local

Grow it Local is an initiative to encourage people to grow, share and eat locally grown foods. It’s a celebration of backyard, balcony, community and window-sill farmers across Mandurah. It aims to reuse, reduce waste to landfill and connect the local community. To find out more and registered your local patch, please visit Grow it Local. 

Peer Support Groups

Joining a peer support group is a great way to connect with your community, share information and ideas, discuss important topics, and learn from others who have faced similar challenges.

The City of Mandurah supports a Multicultural Networking Group that meet quarterly. For further information and to join the group please email

The City's libraries also host conversational English classes across the Library facilities. For further information on session times, please contact a staff member at or phone 9550 3650.

Harmony Week

Harmony Week runs from 15–21 March every year and encourages everyone to experience, explore and appreciate WA's wealth of cultural, religious, linguistic and ethnic diversity.

Harmony Week is a State Government multicultural community relations initiative.

Cultural diversity’s benefits

Harmony Week is an opportunity to consider the many benefits Mandurah gains from its culturally and linguistically diverse (CaLD) communities.

Benefits include job creation, improved skill levels, the introduction of new skills and networks, and improved economies of scale.

The economic advantages are also many. Our diverse communities link us strongly with the rest of the world and increase our competitiveness in this global market.

Harmony Week is an opportunity for all Western Australians to celebrate our diversity while working to remove barriers that still exist in the community.

What's on during Mandurah Harmony Week

Community Cultural Ambassadors

Within each community there are people who want to step up and make a difference. Through our Community Ambassador program, we identify and support local bi-cultural and bi-lingual people to better connect their communities to mainstream services, support, and useful information.

In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic there has never been a more important time for Community Ambassadors than now! Five local people in the Mandurah area took up the volunteer role in 2020 to help connect the community. Each Community Ambassador has been provided a series of training sessions, on-going support from Multicultural Futures, and the City of Mandurah, and has in turn provided culturally appropriate workshops within their cultural community.

Cultural Responsiveness Training

Have you recently checked your intercultural readiness?

Would you like to improve your engagement and connection with people from a migrant or refugee background?

Whether or not you think you are an ace when it comes to other cultures, or there is room for improvement, this is a great opportunity to check your intercultural readiness, up-skill and have fun while intercultural trainer extraordinaire, Rika Asoaka, takes you through the following topics.

More information on Free, See Me, See You! Training’ March and April 2022

Mandurah Multicultural Community Groups

Mandurah Multicultural Community Directory

Local residents groups are a great way in which people can meet neighbours and contribute to their community. Each group has its own unique identity, focus, and way of interacting with residents.

The City of Mandurah has at least nine active residents groups. Refer to list of groups and their contact details below.

Group 1 - Madora Bay Community Association

Group 2 - Lakelands Linkup

Group 3 - Greenfields Community Network

Group 4 - Mariners Cove Residents Association

Group 5 - Waterside Residents Association

Group 6 - Port Mandurah Residents Association

Group 7 - Mandurah Quay Homeowners Association

Group 8 - Seascapes Community Association

Group 9 - Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association

Local Community Development Officers

Finding it difficult to reach your local group? Or maybe you are thinking of starting your own group?
Then contact one of the City’s Senior Community Development Officers for a chat:

Mandurah North area Nick

Mandurah Central (and East) area Jesika

Mandurah South area Kelly

Phone 9550 3850 or email with your name, contact details and a brief message

Email a Community Development Officer

Looking for a Sporting Club

There are over 100 sport and recreation clubs in the Mandurah area offering a huge variety of sports for all ages. Find a club today

Useful documents

Embrace a space guide and template kit (PDF - 3.0MB)
Download PDF
Street Mates Mandurah (PDF - 2.7MB)
Download PDF