The following forms of development do not require an approval:

  • A single house and ancillary structures where the proposal complies with the Residential Design Codes or requirements of the local planning scheme;
  • Internal works to a building, except where the building is in a state or local heritage list;
  • Demolition of buildings, except where the building is in a state or local heritage list;
  • Jetties that comply with the local planning policy;
  • Signage associated with an election or as specified in a local planning policy;
  • Telecommunications infrastructure in commercial zones that comply with specific criteria outlined in the local planning scheme;
  • Land uses that are permitted in the local planning scheme;

Developer information

Where development approval is required, the following information is required to be submitted to the City of Mandurah:

The fees payable are provided below, and can be paid in person, by cheque, or via credit card by contacting us.

Single House (‘R-Code’) Application

If development approval is required for assessment of a single dwelling under the Residential Design Codes (‘R-Codes application’), applications can be lodged using the City’s Electronic Online Lodgement System.

‘Deemed-to-Comply Check’ for Single Houses

Clause 61A of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015 allows people (i.e. applicants) who are intending to either build a new single house or extend and/or renovate an existing single house to seek advice from their local government as to whether development approval is required for what they are proposing. This is also referred to as a ‘deemed-to-comply’ check.

This is a voluntary process that only applies to single houses and extensions or renovations to existing single houses.

To apply, please submit a completed Applications for Deemed-to-Comply Check form along with the development plans (site plan, floor plan and elevations) via email to The fee for this application is $295.

Development Assessment Panel (DAP) Application

If the proposed cost of development is greater than $10million, then the application is required to be determined by the Metro South-West Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

If the proposed cost of development is between $2million and $10million, applicants have the option of having the application being determined by the City of Mandurah or the JDAP.

For applications to be determined by the JDAP, applications forms and fees can be accessed via the Development Assessment Panels website.

Development application fees

Fees are based on the estimated cost of development.

Not more than $50,000: $147.00

$50,00 - $500,000: 0.32% of the estimated cost of development*

$500,001 - $2.5 million: $1700.00 + 0.257% for every $1.00 in excess of $500,000*

$2.5 million - $5 million: $7 161.00 + 0.206% for every $1.00 in excess of $2.5 million*

$5 million - $21.5 million: $12,633 + 0.123% for every $1.00 in excess of $5 million*

Greater than $21.5 million: $34,196.00*

Specific planning applications

Change of use: $295.00*

Approval of amended plans: $200.00

Building envelop (initial application/amendment): $147.00*

Extractive industry: $739.00*

Home occupation (initial application): $222.00*

Home occupation (renewal): $73.00*

Applications requested by applicants to be considered by Council (additional fee to standard application fee): $500.00

Tree removal/pruning: $147.00*

Local development plan: $500.00

 * If the proposed use has already commenced or been carried out, the applicable fee is applied plus a doubled fee as a consequence
   e.g. Home Occupation $222 plus, by way of penalty $444 - total $666 is required to be paid.


Fees are based on the following criteria;

  • $50.00 for consultation with adjoining owners only

  • $375.00 for consultation with adjoining owners and sign on site

  • $575.00 for wider consultation, sign on site and notice in newspaper

Scheme amendments, outline development plans/subdivision guide plans

Fees are calculated on the estimated total cost to Council, in terms of officer time spent on each request.

As a guide the City would normally impose the following fees:

Major scheme amendments/outline development plans/subdivision guide plan
$5,500.00 (in effect 1 January 2010)

Minor Scheme Amendments (Text)
$3,500.00 (in effect 1 January 2010)

Modifications to Outline Development Plans/Subdivision Guide Plans
$2,500.00 (in effect 1 January 2010)

Subdivision clearances

5 lots or less: $73 per lot
5 lots - 196 lots: $73 per lot for the first 5 lots and then $35 per lot
196 lots or more: $7393.00


Zoning enquiries (annual fee): $308.00

Written planning advice: $75.00

Section 40 notice: $100.00

Where required as a condition of subdivision, the developer is to prepare and implement a street tree master plan for all streets within the development to the satisfaction of the City. The master plan will be used to guide future street tree planting programs to ensure a uniform approach to street tree planting, consistent with intended local landscape of the area.

Where required as a condition of subdivision, or where agreed by the City and the developer, public open space (POS) areas or other recreation reserves within the development are to be provided in accordance with the City’s requirements.

Well located and designed public open space can enhances the local amenity, promote a sense of place, encourage activity and contributes to the local environment. The development of public open space needs to provide for the needs of the community while being sensitive to local landscape character and site conditions.