City of Mandurah structure plans are non-statutory plans that interpret the requirements of adopted regional plans for long-term development strategies beyond Town Planning Scheme No 3.

The City has prepared the following District Structure Plans for various sub-districts within the City of Mandurah.

Mandurah North structure plan

Council approved the Mandurah North structure plan in June 2006 to assist the assessment of landowner/developer proposals over the study area by ensuring that an overall structure was put in place, taking into account the following key principles:

  • Creation of a vibrant retail and community based town centre at Lakelands
  • Provision of an activity node based on regional beach facilities at Madora Bay North
  • Ensuring that key north-south and east-west road linkages are identified and provided
  • Ensuring the provision of active recreation land adjacent to an identified high school site in Lakelands.

Mandurah East structure plan

Council approved the Mandurah East Structure Plan in April 2008.
The Mandurah East Structure Plan will be used to assess subsequent outline development plans and subdivision and development applications as required by the underlying zoning of the land under Town Planning Scheme No 3.

Southern Mandurah rural structure plan

Council has adopted the Southern Mandurah rural structure plan covering the rural and rural-residential land south of Parkridge to the southern boundary of the City of Mandurah.
The Structure Plan area has been well-studied in terms of broad land use and environmental considerations given the significant natural environmental assets in the region. These include extensive bushland and coastal systems, the Yalgorup National Park and the internationally significant Ramsar listed Peel – Yalgorup wetland System including Lake Clifton and the Peel-Harvey Estuary.

The Structure Plan has two key principles:
Updating land-use and subdivision provisions with the aim of increasing protection to Lake Clifton and the Harvey Estuary via updating and replacing references to the Coastal and Lakelands Planning Strategyas the statutory planning control for new subdivision lot sizes.

Vegetation protection balanced with the ensuring Council meets its obligations for bushfire management for privately owned land.

Council granted final approval to the Structure Plan at its meeting in March 2015. 

The final Structure Plan Map and Report will be required to be included in the new local planning scheme to have effect on new applications for development and subdivision.

Local Structure Plans, formerly known as Outline Development Plans, are prepared on behalf of landowners, as a prerequisite for subdivision and development on land zoned 'Urban Development' under Town Planning Scheme No 3.

Approval of an outline development plan is required from Council and the Western Australian Planning Commission. As part of the approval or modification process, a period of public consultation is required. These will appear on the public comment page.

All approved Outline Development Plans are available through the City’s Find It online mapping system under the 'Town Planning' module of the system, however the major plans where development is currently occurring are located via the links box on this page.

Current plans

Activity Centre Structure Plans

Activity centre structure plans, previously known as Precinct Plans are prepared by the City of Mandurah as a prerequisite for subdivision and development of land zoned 'City Centre Development' under Town Planning Scheme No. 3

The following activity centre plans have been prepared and approved.