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A Local Planning Strategy provides the framework for planning within a local government area and sets the strategic basis for a Local Planning Scheme.

The Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015 states that a Local Planning Strategy must:

  • set out the long term planning directions for a local government;
  • apply any State and Regional planning policies that are relevant to the strategy; and
  • provide the rationale for zoning or classification of land under the local planning scheme.

The Strategy has been prepared in accordance with these provisions, with the primary intent to provide the basis for a new local planning scheme and update the existing local planning framework.

The Strategy is be referenced in Local Planning Scheme No. 12, and therefore future planning determinations under the Scheme are to be consistent with this Strategy.

In order to ensure that the Strategy remains relevant and consistent in planning decision making, it will be updated as strategies, plans and proposals by the State Government and Council are considered on identified issues.

The endorsed Local Planning Strategy is available for download.

The context of this local planning strategy is set out in the supporting parts to the Strategy, such as: 

These strategies form the background to the Local Planning Strategy.

View the Local Planning Strategy

Scheme Text (1.8MB PDF)    |    Scheme Maps (11MB PDF)

The City of Mandurah's Local Planning Scheme 12 provides the land use planning framework for decision making. The Scheme shows how land may used and developed and the rules for approval through the zoning of land and development requirements. The Scheme is made up of a Scheme Text and Scheme Maps. Further details on the zoning for individual properties are accessible via the City's Online Mapping (see Town Planning Module)

The Scheme Text is required to be read in conjunction with the Planning and Development (Local Planning Scheme) Regulations 2015, which includes Deemed Provisions that form part of the local planning scheme text together with other elements of the Western Australian Planning Commission’s Planning Framework.

For reference purposes, Town Planning Scheme No 3 is accessible for downloading, but is no longer in operation as per Clause 1.3 of Local Planning Scheme No 12.

Planning policies are the adopted position of the Council on various planning matters which either expand on the requirements in the Town Planning Scheme or provide direction on those matters where the scheme enables the Council to exercise discretion.

All planning applications will be assessed against the relevant criteria contained within the scheme and policies.

Land use and planning

Community Purpose Land (PDF - 394.8KB)
Download PDF
Response to Appeals to the State Administrative Tribunal (PDF - 193.0KB)
Download PDF
Street Numbering (PDF - 193.8KB)
Download PDF
Unauthorised Clearing of Vegetation (PDF - 256.5KB)
Download PDF
Galbraith Loop business precinct design guidelines and policy (PDF - 215.3KB)
Download PDF
LPP1 Residential Design Codes (PDF - 1020.8KB)
Download PDF
LPP2 signage policy (PDF - 184.6KB)
Download PDF
LPP3 Non Residential Uses in Residential Zones (PDF - 939.5KB)
Download PDF
LPP4 Canal Waterways Structures (PDF - 521.6KB)
Download PDF
LPP5 telecommunications infrastructure (PDF - 51.9KB)
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Significant tree register policy (PDF - 99.3KB)
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Water sensitive urban design policy (PDF - 123.9KB)
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