The City of Mandurah Advisory Groups, Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group and Audit and Risk Committee provide opportunities for interested community members to meet, discuss and collaborate on topics relevant to the group's goals, and to provide advice to our Council.

Individuals who have specialist skills or experience participate in one of the following groups or committees:

  • Access and Inclusion Advisory Group
  • Mandurah Environment Advisory Group
  • Youth Advisory Group
  • Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group
  • Audit and Risk Committee

The terms of office are approximately two years expiring at the next Ordinary Local Government Election in October 2023.

During each term of office, vacancies may occur on any of these groups or the committee. When an opportunity is available, the City will advertise to the community how to nominate.

Advisory Groups / Committees

The Group provides advice on the implementation of the strategies identified in the City’s current Access and Inclusion Plan

To view the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group Terms of Reference/Group Rules please use one of the following options.

For more information, visit the Access and Inclusion Advisory Group page.

This group works on preserving Mandurah’s natural environment and provides advice to Council on ways we can continue to nurture and protect the environment locally in line with the Strategic Community Plan.

The group meets on a monthly basis to share projects the Council is working on, and to consult experts and their knowledge on plants, wildlife, water, energy and environmental volunteering opportunities.

Mandurah is home to world class waterways, internationally recognised wetlands, and an abundance of diverse plants and wildlife.It is important that we work together to ensure our natural environment is protected into the future.

View the Mandurah Environmental Advisory Group Terms of Reference.

The Mandurah Youth Advisory Group provides a voice for young people aged 15-24 in the community.

It is an opportunity to have your say, meet other motivated young people, develop your leadership skills and make a difference to Mandurah and its future.

The group discusses relevant youth issues in the local area, plans and delivers youth events, and collaborates with the Council on topics that arise. Meetings for the Youth Advisory Group are held on the first Wednesday of every month.

For more information please visit the Youth Advisory Group page.

View the Mandurah Youth Advisory Group Terms of Reference.

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The City’s Audit and Risk Committee plays an integral role in enabling the City to fulfil its governance and oversight responsibilities relating to financial reporting, internal control structures, risk management systems, legislative compliance and audit functions.

View the City of Mandurah Audit and Risk Committee Terms of Reference

We’re proud to be leaders in reconciliation, having been one of the first local governments to develop a Reconciliation Action Plan in 2012. Now on our third Reconciliation Action Plan, we’re building upon the great work that’s already been done in previous years.

Our RAP ensures that we continue to walk together with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples on our reconciliation journey, building relationships, respect for Aboriginal people and culture and creating opportunities in our community.

To find out more about our RAP visit

View the Reconciliation Action Plan Steering Group Terms of Reference

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