Access and Inclusion Advisory Group

The Access and Inclusion Advisory Group assists the City by providing feedback on access and inclusion initiatives. The group plays an active role in the delivery of the City’s Access and Inclusion Plan outcomes.

Committee members are sought by written application every two years following Council elections. A panel selects committee members based on both personal and professional experience in the disability field.

The group meets six times a year and consists of two elected members and twelve community members who either have lived experience or work for an agency that supports people with disabilities.

Access and Inclusion Advisory Group can provide further assistance.

Our 2017 - 2019 committee members are:

Cr Ron Wortley
City of Mandurah
0405 190 749

Cr Darren Lee
City of Mandurah
0417 006 600

Cr Matt Rogers
City of Mandurah
0488 563 642

Kim O’Neil
Community Advocate
9581 9926

Julie Whale
Disability Services Commission
6167 7896

Gary Russell-Brown
MOFSC & Fishability
9586 1480

Vicki Pollard
Peel Volunteer Resource Centre
9581 1187

Heath Flanagan
Midway Community care
9535 5500

July Campbell
Community Advocate
0439 336 666

Julie Murray
Mandurah Taxis
9581 8999

Aaron Hillbrick
Community Advocate 
9586 9592

Kate Kessler
Rocky Bay
9537 5313

Deborah Wiseman
Riverside Education Support
9534 0328

Jocelyn Carosin
JTC Transition to Employment
9583 7380

Ayesha Patterson
Accessibility 4 All
0452 195 902

Aaron Searle
Intelife Group
6169 1223

Leanne Peebles
Department of Sport and Recreation
9550 3190


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