Your Guide to Budget and Rates

Mandurah is on track to become a thriving regional city. Our focus is on driving the economic wellbeing for our community, creating vibrant places to connect with each other, increasing tourism and boosting local jobs.

The City has a long history of aspirational economic development, achieving some great results over the last couple of years and we need to continue building on these investments.

The City Centre Waterfront precinct is designed to reactivate the area to create an exciting space that will be a draw card for the local community and visitors, with the goal of attracting private investment into the Centre. The City is delivering spaces for our community and visitors to come together… like a new skate park, a fun destination play space, an estuary pool and the Smart Street Mall upgrade.

The City has also recently joined forces with the Shire of Murray to deliver a series of transformational projects to help address our long term unemployment challenges and create jobs. These projects include attracting water-science and agri-business industries to the area, alongside the work being done at the Nambeelup Industrial Area and upgrades to the Murray Airfield. These projects will take time to come to fruition, but will, in time, reposition us as a significant contributor to the WA economy. 

Our community’s contribution is vital in helping us to deliver all this, to ensure our community is buffered from difficult economic times in the short term and prospers into the future.


This year’s budget and rates have been impacted by property revaluation, which is conducted every three years in Mandurah by the Western Australian Valuer-General.

Revaluation impacts the rate amount by increasing or decreasing the Gross Rental Value (GRV), which can vary considerably.

For more information on the revaluation visit Landgate.


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