Your Guide to Budget and Rates

Mandurah aspires to become a thriving regional city. The City has a long history of aspirational economic development, achieving some great results over the last couple of years and the focus has now shifted to restarting Mandurah’s economy and reconnecting the community to repair the devastating impacts caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We’re taking a well-rounded approach to help pave the way to restarting our city. The best way we can do this is through an economic lens because our economy is key to the road out of this.

There is a long list of initiatives currently underway and part of the 2020/2021 financial year to help our community during these challenging times including a zero percent rate increase and no increase on fees and charges, assisting tourism through Visit Mandurah, and a five percent decrease in business improved rates. 

The City is working with all key economic agencies to develop shared priorities and a coordinated strategy for Mandurah’s economic restart. The plan to Restart Mandurah focuses on a number of economic objectives including:
  • Increase visitor numbers and local spending
  • Reconnect the community
  • Support employment-generating initiatives 
  • Grow capability to assist local businesses needing to adjust their business models  
  • Facilitate investment attraction opportunities
  • Continuing to plan and advocate for long-term economic diversification in Mandurah
The Restart Mandurah Funding Program will reallocate $5million from the City’s reserve funds towards starting a number of economic projects and initiatives that will assist in the restart plan.

Our focus is on driving the economic wellbeing for our community, creating vibrant places to connect with each other, increasing tourism and boosting local jobs. There are close to 15 projects identified, totalling more than $2million, that will be accelerated thanks to the Restart Mandurah funding, with money left over to initiate other beneficial projects over the next two years.

Our community’s contribution is vital in helping us to deliver all this, to ensure a strong restart after the pandemic and to prosper into the future.

Proposed Rates in the Dollar

To help our community during these challenging times Council has adopted a zero percent rate increase and a five percent decrease in business improved rates. 

In accordance with Section 6.36 Local Government Act 1995 the City of Mandurah proposes to apply differential rates for the financial year 2020/21. The proposed rates are as follows and the Objects and Reasons for the proposed rates are available here or by request in an alternate format.

Category Rate in dollar ($) Minimum rate ($)
Residential Improved 0.09594  1,108.00 
Residential Vacant 0.16300 917.00
Business Improved 0.09293 1,108.00
Business Vacant 0.16560 1,108.00
Urban Development 0.13059 1,108.00

The community were invited to have their say on the Proposed Rates in the Dollar. Submissions closed at 4.30pm on Thursday, 4 June 2020.

Please note that all submissions will become a public record. However, the City will not release your personal details if a written request to withhold these details is received.
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