Mandurah COVID-19 Plan

The affects of COVID-19 globally are unprecedented and are likely to impact our community for many years to come. Things may not ever go back to how they were before and the significant economic impacts will be felt for some time.

Based on the best health advice for WA and the National Cabinet principles, the City of Mandurah has aligned its effort to 1.Respond, 2. Restart and 3. Transform Mandurah beyond COVID-19 and you can find out more below.

 Infographic on 3 phase COVID plan

During the initial response, referred to by all levels of government as Phase 1, the City announced a three-step Mandurah Response Plan which focused on the role the City, our partners and community could play to help each other and stop the spread of COVID-19.

At a Special Council Meeting on 12 May, Council endorsed Restart Mandurah which focuses on reigniting Mandurah’s economy during Phase 2 commencing Monday 18 May 2020. Restart Mandurah has three key initiatives to support the community via rate and fee savings, creating $5 million COVID Fund, and supporting our businesses with local spending and increasing visitors.

View the Mayor’s address to the community or view his presentation to find out more.

Phase 3 – Transform Mandurah will develop our bold vision for the future.

The current six initiatives work together with the City’s operational response to protect and support our residents, rebuild our local economy and strengthen our existing strong social support networks.

Find out more about each of the initiative under the Phase 1 Mandurah Response PlanPhase 2 Restart Mandurah and Phase 3 Transform Mandurah below.

For updates on facilities, view the City’s Facility Operations page or visit our Facebook pages.

Phase One: Mandurah Response Plan

Community Assistance 

Community Assistance

Community Support initiatives:
  • Over 15,000 Seniors Welfare Checks
  • Over 65,000 Important Local Health Contacts Card
  • Neighbour Support Cards
  • Emergency Support Services Information
  • Schools and Family Support Guide
Support Network Coordination 

Support Network Coordination

Community Sector Support:
  • Emergency food relief distribution
  • New Community Sector newsletter
  • Community Website
  • New Sector Facebook Group
Business Support:
  • New Economic Development Unit
  • Business Support website
  • Promotion of online training and support services
Talk to each other 

Talk to each other 

  • New community COVID Update e-newsletter initially sent to 23K residents
  • Fortnightly Mayoral meetings with stakeholder groups
  • Mandurah Matters COVID Response Website
  • Sharing inspirational community responses and stories
  • Sharing inspirational business responses and stories

Phase Two: Restart Mandurah - commencing 18 May 2020

 Restart goals  

Restart Mandurah Goals

  • Increase visitors & local spending
  • Support job creation
  • Help local businesses to adjust business models
  • Facilitate investment opportunities
  • Advocate for long-term economic diversification
  • Connect with education and training institutions
Rates & Fee Relief 

$4.48M in Rates & Fee Relief

  • 0 percent residential rate increase
  • 5 percent business rate decreased
  • Some special area fee reductions
  • 0 percent increase on fees and charges
  • Rates due date extended to November
  • $170K waived inspection fees for food premises and annual licence fees for caravan parks and camping grounds
  • Sporting clubs and groups facility fees waived during closures
COVID $5M Restart Fund 

COVID $5M Restart Fund

  • 15 local projects initiated for local business to tender for and generate local employment
  • Changes to procurement values to make it easier to award local business
  • Supporting local businesses to adjust to the new rules and try to recover from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic
  • $2 million worth of construction jobs accelerated
  • $2.785 million for other Restart Mandurah initiatives
Advisory Group & Business Support 

Economic Taskforce & Business Support

  • Support Job Creation
  • Help local business to adjust business models
  • Advocate for long-term economic diversification
  • Connect with education and training
  • $170,000 fee relief
  • Destination promotion to increase visitor numbers and local spending
  • Facilitate investment attraction opportunities
 Talk to each other  

Working Together

  • Working with business leaders, community groups, and support and relief organisations to ensure maximum impact
  • Local members, State and Federal, advocating in the best interests of Mandurah and making stimulus funding and grants accessible to Mandurah
  • Sharing experience and knowledge with businesses and community to promote greater understanding

Phase Three: Transform Mandurah - commencing mid June/July


Transform Mandurah

  • State-of-the-art Waterfront Redevelopment
  • Significant City Centre redevelopment & creation of lively new Civic Square
  • World class Yalgorup National Park eco-tourism
  • New City identity