The City of Mandurah has two great new resources to support Mandurah's Community Sector - The Mandurah Community Sector Hub Facebook Group and the Mandurah Community Sector eNews

Please see the information below including links to each of these resources as well as links to relevant grant information on the City's website.

If you require further support or information about the Community Sector Hub and any of its associated resources please contact a Community Development Officer at

Mandurah Community Sector HUB on Facebook

The NEW Mandurah Community Sector HUB Facebook group is a space to bring together the many amazing organisations working to support the Mandurah community.
This includes service providers with paid staff and volunteer run community clubs, groups and associations.

We will be sharing helpful information on the page such as available grants, workshops and other resources to support your work and your community. We encourage group members to share, learn, collaborate and innovate together!

You can join the group - Please note you will need to have your own individual or organisation Facebook profile to join. 
The group is administered by staff from the Community Capacity Building Team at the City of Mandurah.

Mandurah Community Sector Newsletter

A monthly e-newsletter aimed at providing information to stakeholders involved in Mandurah’s community services and support sector. Relevant news items will be shared, covering topics such as health & safety, grants & funding, useful resources for your organisations, and support for your community.  

We welcome suggestions for content from those working or volunteering in the community.
You can sign up for the eNewsletter

Other sector support

Local residents groups are a great way in which people can meet neighbours and contribute to their community. Each group has its own unique identity, focus, and way of interacting with residents.

The City of Mandurah has at least nine active residents groups. Refer to list of groups and their contact details below.

Group 1 - Madora Bay Community Association

Group 2 - Lakelands Linkup

Group 3 - Greenfields Community Network

Group 4 - Mariners Cove Residents Association

Group 5 - Waterside Residents Association

Group 6 - Port Mandurah Residents Association

Group 7 - Mandurah Quay Homeowners Association

Group 8 - Seascapes Community Association

Group 9 - Lake Clifton Herron Residents Association

Local Community Development Officers

Finding it difficult to reach your local group? Or maybe you are thinking of starting your own group?
Then contact one of the City’s Senior Community Development Officers for a chat:

Mandurah North area Nick

Mandurah Central (and East) area Tom

Mandurah South area Pippa

Phone 9550 3850 or email with your name, contact details and a brief message

Email a Community Development Officer

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