Foreshore Management Plans

The City is committed to protecting Mandurah’s beautiful waterways. 

It is important that the foreshores near these waterways are developed and managed effectively. Managing our foreshores; 

  • Ensures the protection of natural values that help to filter pollutants from our urban development and activities
  • Provides habitats for our local and visiting international waterbirds
  • Provides a range of recreational activities for our community
  • Enables ongoing asset management and monitoring.
Where a development is approved in an area that is next to, or near a foreshore area, it is generally a requirement that the developer prepares and implements a Foreshore Management Plan.

To ensure consistency of Foreshore Management Plans and clarity to property developers, the City has developed a Foreshore Management Plan Preparation Procedure template, which streamlines the process to comply to the City’s approved systems. The pro-forma sets out exactly what is required within the Plan, including the table of contents, figures, tables and attachments etc.


  • Developers are advised to use the City’s Foreshore Management Plan Preparation  template to avoid their Management Plan being rejected 
  • The developer is generally responsible for implementing the approved plan
  • The developer is responsible for the ongoing maintenance of the area -  normally a period of three years
  • The City takes over responsibility for ongoing management and maintenance of the foreshore after the developer’s agreed years of maintenance are completed.
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