Tidal Images Mandurah Project

Climate change affects different communities in different ways.
In Mandurah, one of the major changes we see as a result of climate change is the effect on our shorelines and foreshores due to storm surges, high tide and erosion.

Tidal Images Mandurah (TIM) is a project run by the City since 2010, with the objective to monitoring eight key areas of the City’s shoreline in order to build a strong framework to raise awareness, plan proactively, and prepare for the future. To this effect, the City needs to capture images of tidal events, to assist visualise the impacts of these weather events on our community.

Get involved

The more images we get, the wider and diverse data-set we have!

We are encouraging our community to assist us by providing images of tidal events such as storm surges, high tide and erosion.

This is how you can help:

  • We have marked a number of Tidal Images Mandurah key sites across the City's shorelines with a blue camera painted on the ground or fencing, indicating the location and direction of the image
  • Take the picture/s with your camera facing the direction of the painted camera
  • Upload your image/s onto the Tidal Images Mandurah Photo Upload page here

If you have other sites that are important to your community, we would be happy to know about this and receive images from you.

Taking the pictures at the same spots over time gives the opportunity for the City and the community to regularly monitor the same position across a larger time frame.

If you would like to be involved,  please click on any of the eight Tidal Image Mandurah key sites ( Dawesville Boat Ramp;  Doddis Beach;  Florida Beach;  Rakoa Street Falcon;  Serpentine River;  Town Beach;  Wade Street Silver Sands;  Western Foreshore)  below and follow the instructions. 
All images submitted will become the property of the City of Mandurah. 

For more information, please contact the Environmental Services team on 08 9550 3977 or emails us at  environmental.services@mandurah.wa.gov.au 

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