Environmental Advisory Group

The Mandurah Environmental Advisory Group is committed to preserving Mandurah's natural environment and providing advise on environmental issues. 


This group is committed to preserving Mandurah’s natural environment, and so provide advice on issues relating to the following environmental areas:

  • Subdivision and approvals
  • Climate change adaptation and mitigation
  • Flora and fauna
  • Wetlands and groundwater
  • Management plans
  • Legislation and Policies


To represent the diverse views of the community on conservation and environmental matters in a democratic manner.


Commitment to preserving the natural environment of Mandurah is a key quality for being in this group. 

This environmental advisory group is made up of:

  • 1 Elected Member
  • 8 community members
  • supporting Council Officers and representatives from Government departments (with no voting rights) relevant to the subjects on the agenda.

 These representatives could include:

  • Natural & Built Environment (Manager Natural & Built Environment)
  • Planning & Land Services (Manager Planning & Land Services)
  • Environmental Services (Secretarial Support)
  • Environmental Services (Manager, Environmental Services)


Positions are held for a two (2) year period in line with the General Council Elections.
There are currently no positions vacant on the Mandurah Environmental Advisory Group.
If you would like to join please register your interest here and you will be advised when the next round of nominations are due, or if a vacancy arises.

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