Friday, 6 January 2017

A wearable art garment is travelling the country with artists contributing to the creation as it makes its way to Western Australia’s 2017 Wearable Art Mandurah event.

Wearable Art Whispers is a progressive wearable art garment, facilitated by artist Anzara Clark, as part of the City of Mandurah’s annual wearable art event.

The Whispers project has engaged seven artists to collaborate on the unique creation of a wearable art garment. The finished garment will be an exhibition piece at the Wearable Art showcase held in June in Mandurah.

A selection of experienced, Australia-based artists are involved. The garment continues to evolve with each artist adding their personal touch. The project’s journey is:

  • Golden Bay, Western Australia – artist Deb Hiller (completed)
  • Safety Bay, Western Australia – artist Sue Sacchero (completed)
  • Ottford, New South Wales – artist Tanya da Silva (completed)
  • Alice Springs, Northern Territory – artist Philomena Hali
  • New Beith, Queensland – artist Larissa Murdock
  • Dee Why, New South Wales – artist Stephanie Powell
  • Inglewood, Western Australia – artist Louise Wells

The project provides an opportunity for the artists to have fun collaborating and learning from each other. They also connect and collaborate with other nation-wide wearable art artists, grow the wearable arts community, and enhance the artistic reputation of wearable art.

Wearable Art Mandurah was introduced in 2011 as part of the Stretch Arts Festival. Since then the event has grown from a small designer show featuring 18 garments to become a major event attracting local, national and international creatives, culminating in a full length theatrical showcase and exhibition.

The competition is described as extravagant, revolutionary, provocative works of art on the body and crosses many disciplines including textile art, sculpture, and construction and involves many skill levels.

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