Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Essential road upgrades are being undertaken at a major intersection in Madora Bay to accommodatea number of infrastructure projects and growth on either side of Mandurah Road.

Main Roads WA is coordinating significant upgrades to the intersection of Mandurah Road, Madora Beach Road and Banksiadale Gate. The new four-way intersection will allow for safer, easier access to a new shopping centre in Lakelands, future residential precincts in Madora Bay, and future schools on both sides of the main road.

It is a Main Roads WA requirement for this intersection to be upgraded before the new Lakelands shopping centre can open. The upgraded road network is also a planning requirement for the future residential developments in Madora Bay north.

A roundabout will also be constructed where the extension of Eleanore Drive will intersect with Madora Beach Road.

These improvements are required by the Western Australian Planning Commission as a condition of development of Madora Bay.

In order to accommodate these upgrades, 38 trees in total will need to be removed, and a number of Tuart trees along Madora Beach Road have already been removed. The City will look into ways the trees can be reused, including for children’s nature play areas.

All plans for the road upgrades have received State planning approvals, and a great amount of time and care has been taken by the City of Mandurah in conjunction with Main Roads WA and the developer to maximise tree retention where possible. A number of trees along Madora Beach Road are located underneath power lines, and were found to be unhealthy.

The City has been monitoring the works closely to ensure compliance and to make sure the works are carried out in accordance with the approved plans.

Following the completion of the required road works, more than 300 trees and thousands of shrubs will be planted along Madora Beach Road and at the Eleanore Drive roundabout as per the landscape plans.