Friday, 10 March 2017

The City of Mandurah is helping local residents to create water wise verges through the Water Corporation’s Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme.

Local residents are encouraged to participate by attending a workshop on March 25 to help them prepare for their water wise verge makeovers. Residents who attend the workshop and commit to transforming their verge will be eligible for free native plants, mulch and other incentives.

At the workshop, to be held at Lakelands Community House, residents will have the chance to see a makeover in action as Garry Heady from Beyond Gardens demonstrates each step of a verge transformation.

The Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme aims to support councils to promote the creation of low water use verge gardens in their communities.

The City of Mandurah has been recognised as a Waterwise Council since 2009, and places high importance on reducing water consumption in City facilities and recreational spaces.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said the Waterwise Verge Incentive Scheme was one way that the community can be part of Mandurah’s sustainable future.

“At the City, we take water conservation and efficiency seriously, which is why we are implementing the five-year Water Efficiency Action Plan,” he said.

“The Plan aims to reduce our corporate and community water consumption by seven percent by 2021.

“By undertaking water saving transformations on their verge, residents will also benefit in many other ways including improving the streetscape, adding value to their properties, cooling their home, reducing maintenance and providing habitat for birds, bees and other animals.”

Visit for details and to register. Residents can also view the City’s Verge Development Policy online.