Thursday, 6 April 2017

Visitors to Mandurah’s cultural precinct on Saturday could be mistaken that they have visited another world as unique and extravagant creations come and go from the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre as part of the seventh annual Wearable Art Mandurah competition.

The much-anticipated judging day is a key component of the growing competition. This year’s renowned judges include Paul O’Connor, Megan Salmon and Leisa Landre-Ord.

Paul O’Connor’s career has been intersected with many creative paths as artist, editor, visual merchandiser, stylist, curator and creative director. Over the past 30 years O’Connor has worked in both government and private sectors. His current role is to look after all international press and VIP relationships for Elle Macpherson’s and Andrea Horwood-Bux’s company WelleCo. He has also worked as Brand Manager for international fashion designer Aurelio Costarella.

Australian fashion designer and artist Megan Salmon, based in Fremantle, will also bring her unique energy to this year’s judging panel. Salmon’s creative life began as a painter and fine art graduate. Previously well-known as an expressionist artist and superb drawer, her work was acquired by several state and public collections, including the Art Gallery of Western Australia and Janet Holmes a Court.

Leisa Landre-Ord will bring her extensive experience in stage and production management to the competition. She is currently the WA Academy of Performing Arts’ Associate Head of School for Production and Design and a Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Education and Arts.

Mayor Marina Vergone said Wearable Art Mandurah calls on local, national and international artists and creatives to explore and create extravagant, revolutionary, provocative works of art on the body.

“The competition keeps growing and this year’s competition is really taking shape with preselection uncovering a great range of interesting and thought-provoking garments,” she said.

The Mandurah stage is set to come alive, with tickets now on sale for this year’s Wearable Art Showcase on June 10 and 11. The showcase presents the spectacular wearable creations in a highly entertaining full-length theatrical production, complete with professional theatre, dance and music. The winners will be announced at the showcase.

Last year’s showcase played out in front of a packed crowd at the Mandurah Performing Arts Centre, with an additional show added to this year’s line-up.

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