Wednesday, 14 June 2017

The Mandurah community is encouraged to have a say on the City of Mandurah’s proposed rates for2017/2018.

At last night’s Council meeting, Councillors voted to adopt a 1.9 percent rates increase for the purpose of advertising.

Public consultation on the proposed rates will start this week. The community will have until Friday, July 7 to have their say via, or submissions can be made in writing.

Once the public consultation period is closed, the comments will be taken into consideration and included in a report presented to Council, which will vote on the final rate increase and the budget.

Chief Executive Officer Mark Newman said the proposed rate increase aims to achieve the best outcomes for both the City and the community, and fulfil the City’s responsibility of delivering new services and infrastructure.

“It’s paramount that our budget reflects value for money while still providing quality projects to our community in areas including recreation, roads and waterways,” Mr Newman said.

“The City is fortunate in that its new waste management contract has generated significant savings. This means the City can continue to deliver existing services and new developments, such as the Lakelands Library and Community Centre, which can be achieved within a 1.9 percent rate increase.”

Mandurah is WA’s largest regional city. The city’s population continues to grow, with a current population of more than 85,000 and a current five-year average growth rate of 3.9 percent. This is higher than the current state average, and places significant and ongoing demand on the City’s services and facilities.

The City manages assets with a value of nearly $1 billion and this grows each year as roads and parks are transferred from new developments. As with many other local governments, the City is challenged constantly to balance the need to provide new community infrastructure while maintaining its existing assets in an acceptable condition.

The City of Mandurah encourages the community to have their say on the proposed rates increase during the public comment period, via or by writing to the City direct.

For more information on how the proposed rates affect you, call 9550 3777.