Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The City of Mandurah Council will consider a report on the Federal Government’s proposed drug testing trial for Mandurah Centrelink clients at a Special Council Meeting tonight.

On August 27, the Australian Government announced, without prior consultation with the City, that Mandurah was to take part in a two-year trial for drug testing of new welfare recipients on Newstart and Youth Allowance benefits.

The report seeks to refocus the Government’s attention to priorities including local job creation and education, which would have more benefits for local people.

It also says the Council would support community based initiatives to reduce drug use in Mandurah with input from the community, and the development of drug treatment pathways with local providers.

The report also seeks to clarify and analyse some statements made about the Mandurah community by the Federal Government while announcing the trial.

The report recommends that Council:

  1. Recognises that communities across Australia have a significant issue with people in their communities using illegal drugs and Mandurah faces the same issues.
  2. Would support community based initiatives that work on reducing drug use in Mandurah where those initiatives have been:
    • Subject to consultation with the community
    • A treatment pathway has been developed in consultation with a local provider
  3. Supports a program for Mandurah that assists people transition into work like the Career Transition program announced for the northern areas of the Perth metropolitan region.
  4. Reiterates that its top priority is the creation of jobs in the region, and reminds parliamentarians of the job creation projects outlined in the 2016 Federal Election Candidates’ Briefing Paper.
  5. The City to write to the local Member for Canning, Western Australian Senators and House of Representative members informing them of the Council decision.

The Council report can be found here