Tuesday, 5 September 2017

The City of Mandurah Council will urge the Federal Government to focus on the region’s top priority of creating jobs, rather than the proposed drug testing trial for new Mandurah welfare recipients.

During a Special Council Meeting tonight, Council reiterated its first priority was creating employment for the region, and will remind parliamentarians of important job creation projects including Transform Peel and the eastern foreshore revitalisation.

Rather than having Mandurah used as a trial site for the testing, Council voted to support community based initiatives to reduce drug use, subject to consultation with the community and the development of a treatment pathway in conjunction with a local provider.

Mayor Marina Vergone said unfortunately there had been no consultation between the City and the Australian Government about the drug testing prior to the media announcement being made on August 27.

“As well as the lack of liaison with the City and local community, there is also no information about the treatment process and support services available should an individual be referred for treatment,” she said.

"Many cities across Australia are dealing with drug issues in the community, and it’s concerning that Mandurah was singled out and has had its reputation damaged by this proposed trial.

“We’d like to stress to the Australian Government that we need to focus on creating employment and education opportunities, as this will greatly assist people in our community to have more meaningful lives.

“Mandurah has a positive story to tell in terms of its future potential as a thriving, independent, regional city.”

The Council has also shown its support for a local program to help people transition into work, like the Career Transition program announced for Perth’s northern suburbs.


Disclaimer: Persons should be aware that the provisions of the Local Government Act 1995 (Section 5.25(e)) and Council’s Consolidated Local Laws (Section 4.86) establish procedures for revocation or recision of a Council decision. No person should rely on the decisions made by Council until formal advice of the Council decision is received by that person.